The Film Juries of Films for the Earth

Our film juries, where we have lay people active in the area of sustainability and sustainability professionals, identifies which films are apt for the intentions of Films for the Earth. The juries focus more on the content, the impact and operating rage of the films, then on the classical film rating criteria such as cut, cinematography, etc.

The jury rates films on

  • its applicability
  • DVD transfer
  • Screening on small and big events
  • Usability for family and kids, Teacher, school classes, students and companies

  • The jury provides via Website qualified ratings, inputs and supplementary information on the most important films.
  • The jury helps the main team of Films for the Earth with the selection of the films for the festival, nominates short films for Short Film Competitions and helps with jurying within cooperation at other film festivals
  • Uses and develops the criteria catalogue and makes the case for communicable, possibly objective reasons for the admission or dismissing of films into the recommendations of Films for the Earth.

The film jury is composed of 10-15 members, ideally throughout the entire age range from 13 up to 99 years and of both sexes. The members cover the knowledge of the contentual topics that are necessary for the rating, particularly:

  • Energy technology
  • Climate science
  • Nourishment technology, agriculture, urban farming, permaculture
  • Film, film technique, storytelling
  • Culture, theatre and film
  • Education, implementation in schools, resource human
  • Politics, legislation
  • Financial economy and money
  • Films for the Earth, campaigning, motivation, momentum
  • Companies, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship.

There are two film jury teams at the moment. One is in Luzern and one in Winterthur.
Two members are between 13 and 18 years old and represent the age band of adolescents and body of pupils.